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American Airlines Little Rock Crash

American Airlines Flight 1420 skidded off the runway at Arkansas’ Little Rock National Airport, in June of 1999, after a difficult landing during a severe storm. NTSB investigators were looking at the factors of severe weather and the decision of the pilot to land despite the unsafe conditions. A day after the air crash a Los Angeles news station asked aviation attorney, Paul Hedlund, to discuss the various aspects of the crash with the information available at the time, including severe weather and wind shear.  Mr. Hedlund said in the interview that he believed weather was a major factor saying, “If the wind comes from the back of the wing to the front, you have no lift, you are flying a brick” The aircraft struck some approach lights at the end of the runway, on the edge of the Arkansas River, and split in three parts and ignited. The captain of the MD-82 and 10 passengers were killed.

Baum Hedlund represented 25 victims from this crash.

Air Date: 6-2-1999
Incident Date: 6-1-1999