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Gardasil Lawsuit

Serious Injuries Linked to HPV Vaccine

Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit Update - October 2022

The Gardasil vaccine, manufactured by Merck & Co., was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 for use in preventing infection from only a few of the hundreds of types of human papillomavirus (HPV). Since hitting the market, however, thousands of adolescents and adults have reported serious and disabling Gardasil side effects after receiving the HPV vaccine. The most prominent among these side effects is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

To better assist those who are uncertain about their legal rights after suffering from serious health issues after receiving the HPV vaccine, our firm created the Gardasil Injury Compensation Guide. If you believe Gardasil may have caused autoimmune disorders or other injuries, this guide can help answer some of your questions. We have also included some helpful resources for seeking care and support groups.

Gardasil achieved FDA approval in just six months. Even one of the principal investigators of the Gardasil clinical trials (the human testing that precedes FDA approval) said the process “went too fast.”

Researcher Peter C. Gøtzsche in his book Vaccines: Truth, Lies, and Controversy noted some of the research inadequacies in the HPV vaccine clinical trials:

“It is a requirement for registration of drugs that randomized trials have been carried out where one group received the drug and the control group received placebo or nothing. This allows assessment of both the benefits and harms of drugs. I have done research on non-vaccine drugs for decades and was shocked when I learned through my work with vaccines against human papilloma virus (HPV) that the regulatory requirements are much less for vaccines. Almost all the HPV vaccine trials have a control group receiving a hepatitis vaccine or a strongly immunogenic adjuvant, which makes it impossible to find out what the harms of the HPV vaccines are.”

Today, many young women and men who received the Gardasil vaccine (FDA also approved Gardasil for boys) are suffering, and it has been a living nightmare for parents with children who experienced severe adverse reactions to the vaccine. They all trusted Gardasil, never suspecting the grave illnesses and disabilities that could follow.

Gardasil Injury Attorney Team with Proven Track Record Against Major Pharmaceutical Companies

Wisner Baum represents individuals who were harmed by HPV vaccine side effects. If you or a member of your family suffered an adverse reaction after a Gardasil injection, we recommend that you speak with an experienced attorney to discuss the possibility of pursuing a Gardasil shot lawsuit. Even if you suffered from Gardasil side effects years after injection, you may have a claim.

Learn more about the Gardasil HPV Vaccine Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) in this interview with Gardasil injury lawyer and Wisner Baum senior shareholder Bijan Esfandiari. TheGardasil MDL, which was approved after this interview was conducted in August of 2022, allows HPV vaccine injury cases to move into coordinated discovery and pretrial proceedings. People who allege in lawsuits that they sustained debilitating Gardasil side effects will now be able to have their day in court.

Wisner Baum is evaluating lawsuit claims based on the following HPV vaccine side effects after the Gardasil shot (or shots):

  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Chronic fatigue syndromes
  • Chronic pain syndromes, including Chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • Death
  • Dysautonomia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP)
  • Lupus
  • Movement disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)
  • Reproductive disorders, including premature ovarian failure (POF)
  • Small fiber neuropathy

If you or someone in your family suffered side effects related to the HPV vaccine, we would like the opportunity to hear your story. You may be able to pursue legal action in a Gardasil lawsuit.

Our firm has successfully litigated against many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, obtaining justice and maximum compensation on behalf of clients. Across all areas of practice, we have won more than $4 billion in settlements and verdicts.

If you have been harmed by the Gardasil vaccine, you might have a potential claim, please click here to fill out our contact form.

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What is the Gardasil Controversy?

Underlying the entire Gardasil controversy are clinical trials (human testing) that victims allege were fraudulently conducted and reported. Preliminary evidence compiled by a team of Gardasil attorneys and investigators suggests that the clinical trials Merck conducted for the Gardasil HPV vaccine were flagrantly deceptive and unscientific.

According to Mary Holland and Kim Mack Rosenberg, and Eileen Iorio, co-authors of the book, The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For a Generation Betrayed, “none of the participants in the [Gardasil] clinical trials received a true saline placebo,” which means the clinical trials failed to measure the effects of Gardasil against a true control. Instead of receiving a placebo, some clinical trial subjects received aluminum-containing adjuvants, chemical mixtures, and other vaccines, which masked adverse events and made Gardasil seem safer than it would have otherwise.

According to Holland, Mack Rosenberg, and Iorio, “HPV vaccines have never been proven to prevent against cervical or other cancer.”

  • Paxil Pediatric Class Action $63 Million
  • Third-Party Payer Class Action $40 Million
  • Defective Drug Class Action $28 Million
  • Celexa-Lexapro Pediatric Class Action $10 Million
  • Drug Injury $9 Million
  • Pharmaceutical Settlement $105 Million

Gardasil Makes Good Vaccines Look Bad

There is currently a great deal of controversy surrounding vaccines. Our firm wishes to stress that we are not against vaccines. They have the potential to eradicate disease and save millions of lives. We are, however, against intentional efforts to mislead consumers about the safety and effectiveness of a drug or vaccine. We have always fought-- and will continue to fight-- for the rights of consumers to be fully and honestly informed about risks associated with any drug, vaccine, or medical device. We will work tirelessly to ensure those rights are defended and victims of injustice are compensated for their injuries.

Gardasil Vaccine Lawsuit Update

October 11, 2022: The federal judge who oversees the federal Gardasil multidistrict litigation (or Gardasil MDL) has appointed Wisner Baum senior shareholder Bijan Esfandiari to serve as co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs. Esfandiari is among four attorneys who will serve on the litigation leadership for plaintiffs throughout the country who allege in lawsuits against Merck that the Gardasil HPV vaccine causes severe side effects.

The Gardasil lawyer team that will serve on the plaintiff’s leadership include:

  • Bijan Esfandiari – Wisner Baum
  • Rachel Lanier – The Lanier Law Firm
  • Paul Pennock – Morgan & Morgan
  • Allison Mullins – Turning Point Litigation (Liaison Counsel)

"We are pleased that the judge appointed an alliance of proven litigators to represent Gardasil survivors," Gardasil lawyer Bijan Esfandiari said following a status conference. "We look forward to giving our clients the chance to finally be heard in court backed by a group of lawyers with proven success in high-stakes litigation. We will work together to seek justice for people who have seen their lives destroyed by a defective and dangerous product."

September 27, 2022: Wisner Baum has filed the first Gardasil lawsuit to allege wrongful death in civil court. The firm’s attorneys filed the case on behalf of a couple from North Carolina who allege the Gardasil HPV vaccine killed their 13-year-old son. Clifton and Kelli Foley allege Merck “engaged in a relentless propaganda campaign aimed at frightening and guilting parents” who did not vaccinate their children with the HPV vaccine, and that the company refused to warn the public of the risk of serious side effects, according to the complaint. The Foley’s son, Noah, passed away at age 13 of encephalitis. The Gardasil lawsuit alleges Noah’s death stemmed from an autoimmune/autoinflammatory dysregulation process, which was caused-in-fact by the Gardasil shot received in 2018.

Watch Video: 13-Year-Old Noah Foley’s Untimely Death After Gardasil