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Should Pilots Be Paid More to Improve Airline Safety?

Just months after the tragic airplane crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 at Clarence Center, NY new details about the pilot and co-pilot's background have been released, including their low salaries which have shocked the public. Former Comair Captain John Greaves, who is now an aviation accident attorney, explained the effects such a low salary can have on pilots. For example, the hubs of some of these regional airlines are in high cost of living areas where it would be nearly impossible to maintain a decent living. Therefore many of these pilots travel hundreds of miles to keep their jobs.

Mr. Greaves says the attitude of these smaller air carriers like Colgan Air, that are paying pilots such small salaries but offering flight experience to move on to the major airlines, is not safe and the public deserves more. His alternative would be to pay regional pilots good salaries just like you do the majors and you keep the pilots…you don’t have them for a stepping stone; you keep the pilots. They get their experience there; they stay there; they make careers there. You’re going to have a much safer airline that way.

Air Date: 5-14-09
Incident Date:1-14-09