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Tim Loranger: Is Minnesota Blackhawk Crash Similar to Maryland Incident?

After a Sikorsky Blackhawk military helicopter crashed in Minnesota, investigators are hoping to learn what caused the tragedy and whether the accident was a tragic happenstance, or whether it might be connected to larger issues with the helicopters. Attorney Tim Loranger, who is representing the victims of a 2017 Blackhawk crash caused by a defective tail rotor, joined KSTP-TV investigator Ryan Raiche to discuss the similarities between the two accidents.

Loranger believes that, as the pilots in the 2017 Blackhawk crash in Maryland steered their helicopter toward a golf course fairway when it began to fail, so did the Guard members involved in the 2019 crash. Unfortunately, their chopper went down amidst trees at the edge of an open field. While investigators don’t know the motivations of the Minnesota pilots, as all 3 tragically died at the scene, Loranger plans to follow the investigation to look for similarities to the Maryland case.