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Index of People Named in Monsanto Papers

Abadin, Henry

  • Branch Chief at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Acquavella, John

  • Former Monsanto Company Scientist, Paid Monsanto Consultant. Currently works as a Consultant/Professor Clinical Epidemiology, Aarhus University

Adams, Steven

  • Monsanto Company Chemistry Regulatory Affairs Manager

Belvaux, Xavier

  • Regulatory Affairs Lead for Monsanto Europe and Middle East

Carpintero, David

  • Former Monsanto Europe Corporate Affairs Lead for Crop Protection

Chassy, Bruce

  • University of Illinois Professor and Paid Monsanto Company Consultant

Collins, Janet

  • CropLife America Senior Vice President of Science and Regulatory Affairs

Cowell, John

  • Former Monsanto scientist. Co-wrote an occupational pesticide exposure study with John Acquavella. At the time, both Cowell and Acquavella were Monsanto employees.

Dean, Nasser

  • Executive at Bayer CropScience, Western Growers member, California Seed Association member

De Billot, Maurice

  • Monsanto Europe Regulatory Affairs Lead

DeRoos, Anneclaire J. (De Roos 2005)

  • Lead author on ‘Cancer incidence among glyphosate-exposed pesticide applicators in the Agricultural Health Study.’ Study found suggested association with multiple myeloma associated with glyphosate exposure.

DeSesso, John

  • Scientist and Monsanto Company Consultant. Currently works for Exponent

Farmer, Donna

  • Monsanto Company Lead Toxicologist. Monsanto employee since 1991

Flagg, Lisa

  • Monsanto Global Product Quality Lead, Crop Protection

Garnett, Richard

  • Monsanto Company (Europe) Global Crop Protection Regulatory Affairs Strategy Lead. Also Chair of the Glyphosate Task Force

Gasnier, Celine (Gasnier 2009)

  • Lead author of the study ‘Glyphosate-based herbicides are toxic and endocrine disruptors in human cell lines

Glick, Harvey

  • Monsanto Executive, Asia Regional Director, Regulatory Policy and Scientific Affairs since 2006

Goldstein, Daniel

  • Monsanto Company Lead, Medical Sciences and Outreach and Distinguished Science Fellow. Monsanto employee since 1998

Graham, William (Bill)

  • Former Monsanto Co. International Regulatory Affairs Manager for Glyphosate. Currently works as a consultant

Greim, Helmut (Greim 2015)

  • German toxicologist and lecturer, co-wrote a review on glyphosate, which found the chemical is not carcinogenic. His co-author, David Saltmiras, was a Monsanto employee. The study was funded by Monsanto.

Gustin, Christophe

  • EMEA Crop Protection Regulatory Affairs Lead, Monsanto Europe. Former Regulator Affairs Manager for Glyphosate

Haupfear, Eric

  • Monsanto Director of Process Technology

Hayes, Wallace (Wally)

  • Former Editor of the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology

Healy, Charles

  • Former Monsanto Company Manager of Toxicology Programs (1989 – 2010)

Heering, David

  • Monsanto Company Strategy, Compliance, Operations Lead, U.S. Technology Development

Heydens, William (Bill)

  • Monsanto Company Product Safety Assessment Strategy Lead. Previously worked as Toxicology Manager, Toxicology & Human Risk Assessment Lead, Product Safety Center Lead, and Global Chemistry Regulatory Affairs Lead. Monsanto employee since 1990

Housenger, Jack

  • Former Director of EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs. Now retired

Jenkins, Dan

  • Monsanto Company Director of Regulatory Affairs, United States. Liaison for Monsanto to U.S. regulatory agencies including U.S. EPA, USDA, FDA, and Fish & Wildlife Services for all biotechnology and chemistry products

Kier, Larry and Kirkland, David (Kier & Kirkland, 2013)

  • Published the study ‘Review of genotoxicity studies of glyphosate and glyphosate-based formulations.’ The study found that glyphosate, nor formulation poses a risk to humans. At the time of the study, Larry Kier was a Monsanto toxicologist. He later became a consultant for Monsanto. David Kirkland was paid over $15,000 for 10 days of work on the project.

Koch, Michael

  • Monsanto Company Toxicologist

Levine, Steven

  • Environmental Assessment Strategy Lead at Monsanto Company

Listello, Jennifer

  • Molecular biologist at Monsanto Regulatory Affairs

Lynch, John

  • Monsanto Canada Regulatory Affairs Lead

MacInnes, Alison

  • Monsanto Research Scientist

Manibusan, Mary

  • Former EPA official, sat on CARC Committee with Jess Rowland. Now works for Exponent

Martens, Mark

  • Former Monsanto Executive, worked in Toxicology Agriculture Research & Development for Monsanto Europe. Currently works as a consultant

McCarthy, Gina

  • Former EPA Director

McClellan, Roger

  • Editor of the journal Critical Reviews in Toxicology, which published the Expert Panel Manuscript on glyphosate. Monsanto paid a number of experts on the panel.

Miller, Henry

  • Former Forbes contributor and fellow of the Stanford Hoover Institute. Forbes cut ties with Miller and his articles were retracted for his failing to disclose conflict of interest with Monsanto.

Monken, Josh

  • Former Monsanto Regulatory Affairs Specialist. Currently Monsanto Communications and Technology Writing Manager

Natarajan, Sekhar

  • Former CEO Monsanto India. Sits on Board of Directors for Monsanto Global. Managing partner of SN Consultants

Nguyen, Khue

  • EPA Chemical Review Manager

Nyangulu, James

  • Monsanto U.S. Agency Regulatory Affairs Manager

Parry, James

  • Former Monsanto consultant who found evidence of glyphosate genotoxicity and gave suggestions for Monsanto to perform additional tests

Roberts, Ashley

  • Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy Staff, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Food & Nutrition Group

Rogers, Stephen G.

  • Former Monsanto chief technology officer and former Monsanto research scientist

Roose, Bart

  • Monsanto EU AgChem Ops

Rowland, Jesudoss (Jess)

  • Former Deputy Division Director of EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs (retired). Author of CARC report which found glyphosate is not carcinogenic. Had close ties to Monsanto, now works as a consultant for chemical industry

Sachs, Eric

  • Monsanto Company Scientist, Science and Policy Lead Since 2005

Saltmiras, David

  • Former Monsanto Company Toxicology Manager. Currently works for Bristol-Myers Squibb

Seralini, G.E.

  • Molecular biologist, professor at University of Caen since 1991. Lead author of a two-year feeding study on rats which reported tumors among rats that were fed Roundup

Sorahan, Thomas (Tom)

  • Scientist and Paid Monsanto Company Consultant

Stump, Jeremy

  • Monsanto North America Vice President of Government Affairs

Vale, Allister

  • Toxicologist. Co-authored a 2004 study on glyphosate, which found the weight of evidence is against surfactants potentiating the toxicity of glyphosate

Vaughn, Ty

  • Monsanto Company Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs

Williams, G.M., Kroes, R. & Munro, I.C. (Williams, Kroes & Munro, 2000)

  • Wrote the review ‘Safety evaluation and risk assessment of the herbicide Roundup and its active ingredient, glyphosate, for humans.’ The review concluded “Roundup herbicide does not pose a health

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