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Old Dominion Freight Line Truck Crash Lawyer

Injured by an Old Dominion Freight Line Truck?

The truck accident law firm of Wisner Baum has represented hundreds of people involved in commercial vehicle crashes and other car accidents in the US. If you or someone in your family was harmed in an Old Dominion Freight Line truck crash, you need a law firm with experienced, board-certified attorneys fighting for justice on your behalf.

Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. is an American shipping company that offers less-than-truckload shipping through regional and national service. Old Dominion also offers logistics services, including transportation management, ground and air expedited transportation, supply chain consulting, and truckload brokerage. Although Old Dominion’s core business is as a less-than-truckload carrier, it offers full container and less-than-container services internationally.

Less-than-truckload (also known as less-than-load) companies offer shipping of smaller freight or freight that does not require a full trailer. Often, their drivers work in a smaller area than drivers with full-truckload companies.

A Company Snapshot of Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line was founded in 1934 by Earl and Lillian Congdon. In 1957, the company expanded its operations through major markets in North Carolina and part of Virginia, and in 1962, Old Dominion merged with Bottoms-Fiske trucking company. The company continued expanding through the 1980s by acquiring competing trucking lines, moving into Florida, Tennessee, California, Illinois, and Texas.

In 2016, Old Dominion had revenue of $2.99 billion. Headquartered in Thomasville, North Carolina, the company employs more than 20,000 people. Old Dominion has 235 shipping service centers and 32 transfer points serving the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Central, Gulf, and Western US regions.

Old Dominion Freight Line’s Fleet

Old Dominion’s fleet includes approximately 9,700 power units and over 22,500 trailers.

Are Old Dominion Freight Line’s Trucks Safe?

As of January 5, 2020, Old Dominion had a vehicle out-of-service rate of 7.7% and a driver out-of-service rate of 0.4%. In the past two years, Old Dominion has been subject to 1,611 inspections that uncovered violations. During the same period, the company was involved in 721 motor vehicle crashes. Of those, 21 were fatal, and 196 involved injuries. Old Dominion’s fatal truck crashes include a February 15, 2019 crash in Lubbock, Texas that killed two men in their early 20s.

Old Dominion currently has a satisfactory rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That rating, however, is from September 29, 1995. As of January 5, 2020, there had not been a more current compliance review.

The policies, procedures, and habits of a semi-truck’s owners, operators, and drivers have a crucial effect on trucking safety. If drivers behave unsafely behind the wheel—for example, texting, driving while fatigued, or speeding—other motorists’ lives are put at risk. Trucking companies may put profits ahead of safety by failing to properly maintain their trucks or by pushing drivers to operate the tractor-trailers in an unsafe manner. They may allow or even encourage drivers to falsify driving logs.

Old Dominion’s safety record includes the following violations:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey a traffic control device
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving while impaired
  • Violating hours-of-service rules
  • Filing false reports
  • Driving while disqualified
  • Improper or inadequate vehicle maintenance

Each of these violations puts others on the road at risk of a fatal car crash.

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Board-Certified Truck Accident Attorneys Fighting on Your Behalf

Although commercial tractor-trailers make up a small percentage of vehicles on the road, they are involved in a high number of fatal motor vehicle crashes. Other motorists are at risk of catastrophic injuries following a commercial vehicle crash due to a tractor-trailer’s size and weight.

Being involved in a semi-truck crash is life-changing. Victims who survive their ordeal may suffer life-long injuries and emotional trauma. If you or a family member has been in an Old Dominion Freight Line truck collision, you need a law firm with the experience, skills, and resources to hold the company accountable.

At Wisner Baum, our truck accident team is committed to fighting for justice on your behalf. We are also fierce advocates for trucking safety, pushing to prevent foreseeable and unnecessary commercial truck accidents from happening again.

  • $6 Million Settlement Fatal Truck Accident

    Wisner Baum obtained a $6 million wrongful death settlement on behalf of an individual who died following a truck crash.

  • $15 Million Settlement Truck Accident

    Our firm successfully negotiated a $15 million catastrophic injury settlement for our clients. The case stemmed from a Southern California accident involving a commercial truck and a pedestrian.

  • $8.5 Million Verdict Commercial Truck Accident

    Wisner Baum secured a $8.5 million wrongful death verdict against the food industry company, Tyson Foods, for the wrongful death of a young man.

  • $6.9 Million Settlement Truck Accident Settlement

    After a semi-truck drove over a stopped car, killing two of its occupants and injuring a third, one of our attorneys took the case all the way to trial. Our firm continued in pursuit of justice for the three victims over a four-day trial until the case finally settled for $6.9 million.

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